Lose extra pounds, stress, and toxins.

July’s Words

What is she saying?

July really likes to talk.  You may be wondering what she’s talking about!  Here’s a little breakdown of her phrases:

“Xooma Worldwide”

A health and wellness company with international headquarters in Hampton, Virginia. Xooma is built upon a 15-year old rock-solid foundation with the vision of helping people alkalize, cleanse, nourish, balance, and energize their bodies.


Xtreme X2O is a sachet of essential minerals and electrolytes that transforms plain water into a powerful alkaline beverage which can help fight against acidic and unhealthy conditions in the body.

“X2O Blast”

The world’s first 100% all natural water flavoring product. It can be combined with X2O sachets or used as a standalone product added to your water to give it flavor.


The Pure Energy Think Drink™  with zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or preservatives. It’s a powdered mix you combine with water to create a drink that will improve focus, concentration, memory, mood, and mental performance.

“Think Drink”

FocusUP (see above) is The Pure Energy Think Drink™.

“Drink your water”

July’s advice for a healthier breed of humans—it’s the most important first step.

“I love you!”

The reason she wants you to be healthy?  Because she loves you.

“Pretty bird”

Not much to do with water; we just think she’s a little vain…

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