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Xtreme X2O is the flagship product of Xooma Worldwide, but they have an entire catalog of quality products. Download product catalog.

Some of the most popular products are:

FocusUP: The Pure Energy Think Drink™. Add this powdered supplement mix to water for improved focus, concentration, memory, mood, mental performance, and energy! Also available in capsule form.

MetaboWize System: The Metabowize System is an advanced weight management system which helps to stimulate metabolism, reduce appetite, control cravings, burn fat, and create more energy.  Click here for more.

X2O Blast: Give your water flavor!  100% all natural flavoring product with zero artificial flavors or colors, zero calories, and 100% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.

Joint Health: Ideal for anyone experiencing age- or exercise-induced joint damage.

Assimilator: a formula of natural plant enzymes with essential ionic trace minerals that helps to digest processed and cooked foods.

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