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Many are familiar with the concept—shop at a warehouse club like Sam’s Club or BJ’s for a bigger bang for your buck.  Well, as a Xooma member, you receive a significant discount on all Xooma products. Unlike the grocery clubs, there is NO membership fee— instead, Xooma membership requires a monthly purchase of at least $26.25.  You can cancel at any time. Click here and select the first option: “Get started as a member” to make your first purchase. (If you’re supporting a child, click on his or her picture to the right instead.)

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If you prefer not to maintain a membership, then you will purchase at retail cost. This option is best if you want to order products only occasionally.  Click here and select the second option, “Get started as a preferred customer”. (If you’re supporting a child, click on his or her picture to the right instead.)

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